Unleash the Fabric.


Welcome to the Textiles Division

Textiles were our initial foray into the commodities market and continue to be a foundational division. Starting as a brokerage, we have played a crucial role in supplying high-quality textile products to Pakistan, supporting the nation’s robust textile industry, which accounts for approximately 60% of the country’s exports and employs over 15 million people. Over the years, our role has evolved from primarily indenting to actively trading and continuing to indent a diverse range of textile products.
Today, Apollo Commodities is deeply involved in the trade and dealings of Cotton Yarn, Cotton Waste, Raw Cotton, and various types of Fabric. While our initial business model was centred on importing these essential materials to Pakistan, we have successfully expanded our operations to include exports from Pakistan as well. In recent years, Pakistan’s textile exports have seen substantial growth, with an annual increase of about 8%, reflecting the global demand for quality textile products. This expansion underscores our commitment to enhancing the competitiveness of Pakistani textiles on a global scale, ensuring that our products adhere to international standards of excellence and sustainability.
Join us as we continue to weave and knit success in the textiles industry, driving growth and strengthening connections across global markets.


Apollo Commodities has established a strong foothold in the cotton yarn market, dealing in a variety of yarns including open end, ring spun, MVS (Murata Vortex Spinning), and technical yarns. We specialize in both pure cotton yarns and cotton-blended yarns, such as CVC (Chief Value Cotton) and PC (Polyester Cotton) yarns, catering to diverse client requirements. Our offerings also extend to niche markets with melange and filament yarns, supported by a robust supplier network that ensures quality and reliability. Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced by promoting the use of BCI-certified cotton and offering products that meet the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) for our recycled yarn lines. This ensures our offerings not only meet diverse client requirements but also adhere to rigorous environmental and ethical standards.

Cotton Waste

Sustainability is a key focus in our operations, particularly evident in our handling of cotton waste. Apollo Commodities works closely with spinning mills — both as a client for their yarns and as a supplier of raw cotton. We engage in a circular economy model by taking back cotton waste such as comber noil, licker-in, and card fly. This waste is primarily supplied to open-end spinning units, facilitating an efficient recycling process that emphasizes our commitment to sustainable practices within the textile industry.
Sustainability is central to our operations, particularly in how we manage cotton waste. Our approach involves a dual relationship with spinning mills, enhancing the efficiency of our sustainability efforts. We act as an agent or broker for these mills, facilitating the sale of their yarns to various markets. Simultaneously, we supply them with raw cotton, creating a reciprocal relationship that extends to the management of byproducts.
This partnership allows us to implement a circular economy model effectively. After supplying raw cotton to the mills, we take back the resulting cotton waste, including comber noil, licker-in, and card fly. These materials are then primarily supplied to open-end spinning units. By doing so, we not only recycle valuable fibres but also support the industry in reducing its environmental impact. This process underscores our commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the textile industry, ensuring that every aspect of our operation contributes to a more sustainable and efficient production cycle.

Raw Cotton

At Apollo Commodities, we connect raw cotton suppliers, traders, and end users globally through comprehensive sourcing, logistics, sales, and distribution. By leveraging our extensive supply chain and international reach, the company is able to provide exceptional value for our customers. We operate in markets across the world, supported by a vast origination and destination network.
We have built a strong network for exporting raw cotton from Pakistan and importing various international varieties into the country. This dual capability guarantees a reliable supply chain and stringent quality control, meeting the high standards of the global market. Our strategic partnerships and efficient supply chain management enable us to be a leading player in both domestic and international raw cotton markets.
Our organization is committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability, with a significant portion of the cotton we promote being certified by globally recognized standards. Alongside BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and CMIA (Cotton Made in Africa), our cotton suppliers also offer certifications such as Fair Trade, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and OEKO-TEX 100, ensuring we are able to provide products that are sustainably produced and free from harmful substances. These diverse certifications help us support a steady and ethically managed supply chain, positioning Apollo Commodities as an ambassador in the sustainable raw cotton market, both domestically and internationally.


Although fabric represents a smaller segment of our business, it is an area we are actively developing. Leveraging our strong presence in the yarn market, especially with various weaving and knitting yarns, we are uniquely positioned to meet specific fabric needs. By working closely with weavers and knitters, we ensure that even our smaller scale operations maintain the high standards of quality and service that Apollo Commodities is known for.
Our fabric operations emphasize the use of sustainable practices and materials, including the use of GRS-certified recycled fabrics, ensuring that our smaller scale operations uphold the high standards of quality and sustainability that Apollo Commodities is committed to.