About Us

Our Story

From the early days of CoreTex International in 2021 to the inception of Apollo Commodities in 2024, our journey has been marked by ambition, resilience, and a relentless drive to redefine the global commodities trade.

CoreTex International, established on the foundation of strategic insight and a selfless commitment to enhancing the competitiveness of Pakistan’s textile exporters in global markets, made meaningful progress in the commodities sector. Although in 2022, global economic shifts led to reduced deal activity, the spirit and lessons from CoreTex catalyzed the birth of something even greater.

In 2024, rising from the experiences and insights gained from CoreTex, Apollo Commodities was launched in Karachi. Our new venture was not just a continuation but an evolution—designed to be more robust, more global, and more impactful. Apollo was founded with a clear vision: to position Pakistan as a linchpin in the global trade ecosystem.

Today, Apollo Commodities is a testament to the power of vision combined with purpose. We are not merely participants in the market; we are pioneers, leading the charge towards a sustainable future through our dealings in textiles, metals, and biofuels. Each division at Apollo is infused with the ethos of innovation and sustainability, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in commodity trading.

Our story is one of transformation—of a business, a vision, and an industry. At Apollo Commodities, we are creating a legacy of impact, driving change, and fostering sustainable growth that benefits not just Pakistan but the entire world.

Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous global future.

Meet the Founder

Hamzeh Zahur

Founder & Managing Director

Hamzeh Zahur, Founder and Managing Director of Apollo Commodities, brings a humble yet ambitious approach to the global commodities space. Graduating with honours in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Hamzeh began his journey in the commodity markets at the age of 21. He founded CoreTex International, an indenting company that not only built its reputation on integrity but also secured significant trade deals, amounting to approximately USD 11 million in sales, by brokering deals between Pakistan’s top exporters with markets in China, Hong Kong, Oman, Turkey, and the CIS region.

Driven by his sharp ability to identify economic opportunities that impact on a macro scale, Hamzeh founded CoreTex International. His strategic use of the Duty and Tax Remission for Exporters (DTRE) scheme was pivotal in launching the company. Managing CoreTex from Pakistan, Hamzeh adeptly balanced his online studies at the University of Toronto, demonstrating dedication and strategic insight. This challenge deepened his understanding of the critical role commodity markets play in global trade and prepared him for the complexities of international business.

Despite its success, global economic shifts forced CoreTex to close, propelling Hamzeh into a brief stint in Alternative Risk Strategy in Toronto. While his corporate tenure provided him with valuable experience, Hamzeh was inspired to return to his roots in commodities. It reaffirmed his passion for making substantial impacts, reminiscent of his previous endeavour aimed at boosting Pakistan’s exports. This renewed commitment ultimately led him to move back to his hometown, Karachi, to establish the entity.

Driven by a passion for making a meaningful impact, Hamzeh founded Apollo Commodities. His vision for Apollo is clear and straightforward: to enhance Pakistan’s presence in international markets and contribute positively to global sustainability efforts. Through Apollo Commodities, Hamzeh is committed to leveraging his experience to promote economic growth and environmental sustainability, aiming to make Pakistan a notable contributor in the global commodities arena.