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Welcome to the Metals Division

Our Metals Division specializes in the trading of copper, aluminum, and their various forms including refined, recycled, and scrap materials. This division caters to a broad spectrum of industrial needs, from construction and electrical to transportation and manufacturing.

Pakistan’s metal industry is a critical sector, contributing significantly to the national economy. With the country consuming approximately 400,000 tons of aluminum and 700,000 tons of copper annually, the demand for these metals is both substantial and growing. Our strategic position allows us to meet these demands efficiently through both local supply chains and global trade networks.

In addition to meeting current market demands, Apollo Commodities is committed to sustainable practices. We actively promote the use of recycled metals, reducing the environmental impact of mining and manufacturing processes. Our recycled and scrap metal solutions not only support the circular economy but also provide cost-effective alternatives for our customers, aligning with global trends towards sustainability.

Contact us as we continue to navigate and lead in the metals market, ensuring reliable supply, promoting recycling, and driving innovation within the industry.

Why Buy from Apollo Commodities

Robust Supplier Network

Strong relationships with suppliers allow us to secure goods on credit which helps us secure you.

Efficient Logistics

Export partnerships in Karachi help us move goods to the port quicker.

Variety of Products

Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.