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Sustainability at Apollo Commodities

At Apollo Commodities, we are deeply committed to driving progress in sustainability across the global markets we serve. Our operations in textiles, metals, and biofuels are each aligned with our core mission: to enhance economic growth while ensuring environmental stewardship.

Textiles Division

In our Textiles Division, Apollo Commodities champions the use of recycled fibres and the optimization of cotton waste management. With over 17 million tons of textile waste generated annually worldwide, our efforts focus on reducing this impact by promoting recycling initiatives. As the market for recycled fibres continues to grow, with millions of tons of textile waste repurposed annually, we play a crucial role by engaging in the trade of these sustainable materials. Our activities support the industry’s shift away from the use of virgin materials and toward more sustainable production methods, contributing significantly to the reduction of environmental impacts in the textile sector.

Metals Division

Our Metals Division is at the forefront of supplying critical materials like copper, integral to the global transition towards renewable energy technologies. Copper is essential for the infrastructure of renewable energy systems, playing a pivotal role in wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles. The global demand for copper is expected to rise by nearly 50% by 2035, primarily driven by its role in green technologies. By ensuring a steady supply of copper and other strategic metals, Apollo Commodities facilitates this crucial shift, supporting global efforts to minimize dependency on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels Division

The Biofuels Division at Apollo Commodities focuses on biodiesel, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Biodiesel reduces carbon emissions by up to 86% compared to petroleum diesel. Our production and distribution of biodiesel aim to significantly cut carbon emissions, supporting global climate action goals and promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Commitment to Sustainability

Apollo Commodities is dedicated to sustainable practices across all operations. We understand the critical role the commodities industry plays in the global sustainability agenda and are committed to reducing environmental impacts through innovative, responsible trading strategies. Join us as we strive to make a significant, positive impact on both the market and the environment, ensuring a greener future for all.

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